Gastrointestinal Diseases

Nature cures the five elemental human body health problems specifically related to food we eat, digestion and metabolism of the same. Ayurveda is the eternal science which can cure constipation, hyperacidity, infltulence, indigestion, gastritis, diarrhoea and stomach ulcer up to the root level. Total 90 percent of diseases are due to digestive disorders to the people. We cure perfectly by total natural, herbal ingredients and way to intake right kind of food in right ways.

Arthritis Disorders

Arthritis is a group of conditions that refers to joint pain or diseases (more than hundred types) commonly caused by inflammation of one or more joints. In addition to vata shamak dravyas like Nirgundi, Shallaki, Dhasmoola herbs, Azwaian and ginger etc. Panchkarma is the ultimate therapy to cure the all kinds of joints pain.

Ayurveda for Diabetes

Ayurveda exclusively and holistically approaches diabetic cure by changing life style. Imbalance of doshas results in health problems linked to digestion and metabolic problems. Ayurveda provides an personalised detox plan by Panchkarma to balance the parkupit doshas or bio-energies of body. Yoga aids in the management of diabetes at large. Stress and anxiety are two major factors as the main causes of diabetes can be cured by meditation and yoga only.

Stri Rogas/Gynecological Disorders

In Ayurveda Yonivyapad roga includes all gynaecological disorders (menstrual disorders, abnormal vaginal discharge and prasuti rogas). Laghans, Rasayana, sanshodhana, Panchakarma including various type of herbal medicines are used to cure the stri-rogas. Modern system laboratory tests are combined with pure ayurvedic treatment for all gynecological disorders.

Thyroid in Ayurveda

Reduced or excessive intake of iodine and tyrosine causes thyroid gland disorder. Predominant Kapha dosha and Mandagni (decreased pitta dosha) causes hypothyroidism. Ayurveda does cure Thyroid disorders by cleansing (shodhan), balancing doshas and rejuvenating (rasayana) the same.

100% Ayurvedic & All-natural

Based on centuries old Ayurvedic formulations and methods

Customized For You

Our Specialist will personalize the program based on your health status

Access From Anywhere

You can start treatment from anywhere in the world

Guidance At Every Step

Our Specialist & Assigned Doctor will be there with you every step of the way

Simple To Follow

Simple-to-follow program with minor, healthy vedic lifestyle changes

Follow-up & Support

Personal Ayurvedic Health Medic for guidance, support and follow-up

How Our Treatment Works

Stage 1

Cleanse (Shodhana)

The first stage of treatment cleanses you by following a holistic herbal ritual. Cleansing of the gut and whole body is done to remove disease causing toxins which could have caused obstruction in the circulatory & metabolic pathways. You can undergo the detoxification process from the comfort of your home. See steps in this stage below.

  • Step 1 - Prakriti Assessment
  • Step 2 - Pre-session Counselling
  • Step 3 - Detoxification
Stage 2

Balance (Samtulana)

The second stage marks the beginning of a personalized approach. Our doctor will prepare a diet chart for you and prescribe Ayurvedic medicines to boost digestion along with Yoga for a thorough augmentation of your physical and mental health. This will be complimented with Yoga to enrich you spiritually. See steps in this stage below.

  • Step 4 - Personalized Medicines And Therapies
Stage 3

Rejuvenate (Rasayana)

The third stage recalibrates your body and mind with a combination of medicines, diet, and yoga asanas to re-establishing internal health. Our doctor will prescribe a personalized regimen for you. See steps in this stage below.

  • Step 5 - Personalized Medicines And Therapies
  • Step 6 - Personalized Diet & Lifestyle Advise
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