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Dr. Indu Sharma B.A.M.S (bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery) from Shri Krishna Ayurvedic College, Kurukshetra (Haryana) has been practicing for last 20 yrs. She has been treating all kind of patients (female) in Gynae and obstetrics problems, joints pain, Gastrointestinal, life style diseases like diabetes, thyroid, high blood pressure and specially enhancing adoptive immunity status. She has the specialized experience of Nadi-Parikshan, Prakirti analysis of her patients. She gives the simplest solution to her all patients in a very low-cost expenses for permanent cure of all ailments. She gives a lot of time to a single patient by doing quality counseling, do’s and dont’s in their daily routines. She considers her profession as a Nobel, spiritual, religious venture without giving a (financial burden to everyone. Her life Mantra is Be happy and healthy now only. Speciality of treatment is that everyone can find medicine in their kitchen only.

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We offer various health programs for general well being and for healing different disorders. We offer training for professionals and for common people in Ayurveda. We are specialized in preparing indigenous Ayurvedic medicines and herbal health supplements formulated by our expert team of doctors that are customized as per each patient’s individual medical condition.

Dr.  Indu Sharma enables true delivery of Ayurveda with personalised treatment for each individual at all touch-points. Specialized in Prakirti vishleshan and nadi pariksha with detailed study of Hetu, ling, aushadh of rogas. Our scientific spirit is grounded in rational principles, ensuring personalised treatment for each patient, to help them regain “Swasthya” with the use of “Chikitsa” and lifestyle changes.

  • Complete Ayurvedic Holistic Health Management.
  • All types of Acute and Chronic illness of Gynecological including obstetrical problems
  • Complete Antenatal and Investigative management in modern ways also including ultrasounds
  • Complete pathological laboratory test and digital X-ray machine
  • Specialize in the treatment of all type of chronic problems regarding hematology, digestive system, metabolism (diabetes, thyroid and blood pressure) Problems.
  • Alternative therapies of maintaining complete health (psychological and spiritual) through Yoga, Pranayam and meditation techniques.
  • Easiest, Cheapest approach for good health attained through life style changes in daily life.
  • “Yatha Pindae Tatha Bramhandae”. Nature five elements contain PanchBhautik sharir chikitsa.
  • “Hetu, Ling, Aushadh” chikitsa is performed through Sanshaman+Sanshodhan ways caused by disease due Pragyapradh+Asatmayaindriya Sanyong.

Modern systems of medicine (allopathy) does not agree with Ayurveda till date but all the methods, treatment of the same emerged from Ayurveda. What causes to mobility of a foetus in womb gestationally what happens to the live body becomes as a dead body …. That is undoubtedly known as “Aatma”- the consciousness. Conclusively there can be no comparison between Ayurveda nd all other alternative pathies. .One is mother and the others are it’s kids.The ultimate truth is “science of life” Ayurveda-consists of Body, Indriyaas, Mann, and Soul.

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We all live life… The standard, status and quality of life depends upon our body status, physical, mental and Psychological condition. We are happy or unhappy, satisfy or suffer depends on our attitude that is known as “mann” according to Ayurveda. Assuming to take its place in human body opinion varies. It may be in heart which is a circulatory organ (pump) without rest throughout life. And may be considered as Brain which is matter of our body neurologically and psychologically balance the functioning of all body systems.


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